Kittens Don’t Pose

Today, I finally managed to take a few photographs of the kittens that were born on Halloween (now known as the Halloween Horrors) without them blurring or just getting a close up of kitten noses.  My kittens do not pose nicely, they wiggle and squirm, pounce and scratch. This afternoon, they decided they were old enough to […]


I’ve been super busy getting the last batches of work in for the Ripple Book – the end is in sight! 🙂 Now that Christmas is looming large upon the horizon, I’ve also been frantically knitting some Christmas pressies.  One year I really will get all the Christmas presents bought and made by December 1st, […]

Blooming Flowers! pattern released

I’m getting things finished today – woo hoo!! After weeks bumping from one end of my desk to the other, I’ve finally written up the pattern notes for this cheery baby blanket… I wanna make it! Buy Here Etsy ShoporRavelry The PDF download is available in either US or UK crochet terminology. Measurement: 24 x 24 […]

Autumn Mode

I’ve gone into autumn mode quite nicely, and with surprising grace, this year with only a small amount of bird instinct kicking in.  Usually by this time of year I’m stir crazy and, well, downright mutinous.  Its the Swifts leaving that does it.  As soon as they set off to points South I get wanderlust […]

Autumn Leaves & Shetland Lace

I love autumn colours, autumn leaves, mushrooms and fungi and delightfully squelchy mud.  This weekend I wandered in the woods basking in the colourful death throes of hundreds of trees, finding mushrooms and squelching in muddy puddles.  The trees are beautiful as they flare in one last beam of fiery colour before they cast their […]

Entrelac Crochet Gloves

OMG – I actually finished the pattern!  I began working on my Entrelac crochet gloves pattern Way Back then used the wool for something else. Three years in the making – I can’t believe it!! {{ swoon, thud}}  I’ve stunned myself and need chocolate (any excuse) to bring me ’round. Well, here they are then… Entrelac Crochet […]

The Book Blanket cont.

I’ve been working on the Book Blanket. I decided to use pale yellow to edge and join the squares because, well, that was the only colour I had to hand.  I’m not one for patience when it comes to starting a project and lacking the capacity to wait for a yarn delivery of a different […]

Planning a Blanket

.I made loads of squares for my granny square book and since then they’ve been neatly piled in a corner of my craft room.  They’ve been moved around and resorted over and over again but always end up in a neat pile in the corner.  Some have still got their labels on! I thought I’d […]

Authors Lunch, Bunting and Cat Hairs

On Tuesday I went to the authors lunch at Search Press where I met lots of fab folks, had delicious food and found where the wine was very easily.  I also found out that my book is being reprinted already! Draped all over the warehouse was Women’s Weekly record breaking knitted bunting – 3.2 kilometers […]

Starburst Blanket Pattern

Am starting to get back in the swing of things after my holiday and have been working on my Starburst blanket pattern.  The weather is murky and dank, everything outside is grey and dripping so I'm quite happy tucked in my craft room catching up on things. I've finished the starburst pattern {swoon, thud}.  I [...]