The Book Blanket cont.

I’ve been working on the Book Blanket.

I decided to use pale yellow to edge and join the squares because, well, that was the only colour I had to hand.  I’m not one for patience when it comes to starting a project and lacking the capacity to wait for a yarn delivery of a different colour, I used the yellow. As soon as I started edging the squares I thought my choice was wrong.  ‘Who’s and who’s army’s gonna stop me?’ I thought and continued regardless.

I’m still unsure of my colour choice but I’ve gone miles past the point of no return having started joining the squares and there’s no way I’m unravelling it all now.

So (never start a sentence with so), for the last few evenings I’ve been buried under this…
It hasn’t always just been me and the cat tangled in the heap of squares, the scissors got muddled in there and snipped a couple of strands.  I had to darn the strands back together!  I assume the scissors snipped in a spiteful manner due to my moaning about the scissors bluntness.
Here is a bit of it joined together.  I worry that the squares look as if they are swimming in a sea of lumpy custard but it’s too late now!
 I’m going to spend the evening sewing in ends.  Yes, I am sooo rock and roll – eat your heart out!  Ugh, sewing in ends, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.  Needs must though.

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