I’ve been super busy getting the last batches of work in for the Ripple Book – the end is in sight! 🙂

Now that Christmas is looming large upon the horizon, I’ve also been frantically knitting some Christmas pressies.  One year I really will get all the Christmas presents bought and made by December 1st, one year I will.  I would so love to sit in a cafe on Christmas Eve watching the last minute shoppers in full blown panic haring from one shop to another while serenely sipping my coffee and relaxing.  This year, I think I’m going to be one of the shoppers though, just like last year and the many before.  Face frozen in panic, teeth grinding away, tatty shopping lists and receipts scrunched in my pocket, tired feet and a blown budget!

I’ve done a bit of designing recently too.  Here’s my Rose Square design which I just luurrvvee.  Its so squishy and tactile!

When the squares are joined together they make such a sumptuous fabric.  The little squares are demanding to be turned into a cushion cover or seat pad so that’s what I’m making.

One side of a cushion cover complete!

Right, off to do a bit more work on the ripple book….


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