Autumn Mode

I’ve gone into autumn mode quite nicely, and with surprising grace, this year with only a small amount of bird instinct kicking in.  Usually by this time of year I’m stir crazy and, well, downright mutinous.  Its the Swifts leaving that does it.  As soon as they set off to points South I get wanderlust and the urge to fatten up on cookies.  There must be a bird section in my brain that thinks its being left behind when the summer birds leave.

However, this year I’m more settled and behaving more like a nesting type bird than a fly-off-south bird.  I’ve fluffed the nest with blankets ready for the colder weather and started three new blankets.  Doubt I’ll get them finished before Spring but they are on the hooks regardless.  Here’s one of the blanket squares slowly taking shape…

I have so many wips on hooks and needles at the moment and none of them anywhere close to being complete.  The count is 25 knitting projects and 36 crochet projects.  That’s way too many even for me.  I need to settle in to some serious knitting/crocheting to get some of them finished.  The weather is compliant, it pours with rain, so being indoors with wool is fine by me.

I’ve been busy making shawls, scarves, cowls and gloves.

Cowl – making it up as I go along

and, of course, granny square blankets…

Granny Squares 🙂

I’ve also been planning more fluffing of the nest in the form of a new kitchen which I’m super excited about.  Once that’s done I can put the house on the market and get the hell out of here to somewhere I actually want to live!  In the meantime though, I’m choosing flooring and handles for cupboards and drawers, where to put the dreaded sink and dithering over cooker hoods.  Its all in the aim of moving though.

Perhaps my bird instincts aren’t as weak this year after all, I’m just playing the long game.


  1. Erin Reply →

    Lovely woolie projects! I thought I was the only one who had a high number of projects on the go at any given time. Now I don't feel so alone.

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