Kittens Don’t Pose

Today, I finally managed to take a few photographs of the kittens that were born on Halloween (now known as the Halloween Horrors) without them blurring or just getting a close up of kitten noses.  My kittens do not pose nicely, they wiggle and squirm, pounce and scratch.

This afternoon, they decided they were old enough to explore my desk so I managed to get some shots!

Please meet the Halloween Horrors; Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble…..


Born:  Third at Teatimeish, Halloween, 2013.
I am a Boy

I am the cleverest kitten and will be the cleverest cat.  I like to climb up legs, explore and chew things.  I have long, very soft fur and like strokes.  When I grow up I’m going to be a very handsome boy with the finest coat ever.


Born:  Second at Teatimeish, Halloween, 2013
I am a Girl

I’m the sweetest kitten that ever there was.  I like cuddles and snuggles and purring.  I enjoy chewing shoe laces and can run really fast, faster than Usain Bolt.  When I grow up I’ll be the sweetest, prettiest, fluffiest girl around.


Born:  Last at Teatimeish, Halloween, 2013
I am a Girl

I’m the smallest of the litter, some would say the runt.  I don’t need to find a new home because I’m staying here with the crochet lady.  She lets me snuggle in her wool.  I like to climb – lots.  I like to chew shoes and I’ve used the litter tray already.  I run funny and I like to prance sideways.  When I grow up I’ll live here and be the most spoilt of all the cats in all the world.


Born:  First at Teatimeish, Halloween, 2013
I am a Boy

I’m an action kitten.  I like to climb, chew, run and jump.  I’m the strongest and I’m awesome!  I like cuddles and have the loudest purr – ever!  When I grow up I’m going to be the best at everything, including sleeping.


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