Authors Lunch, Bunting and Cat Hairs

On Tuesday I went to the authors lunch at Search Press where I met lots of fab folks, had delicious food and found where the wine was very easily.  I also found out that my book is being reprinted already!

Draped all over the warehouse was Women’s Weekly record breaking knitted bunting – 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) of it!

Lots of bunting

More bunting


Even more bunting


Some of the authors

After the lunch, back to mums for a bit of crochet.  Mum is making a cat blanket for the local cat shelter using one of the patterns from my book.

Mums cat blanket

I did a bit of designing and managed four patterns – very pleased with myself.  Maybe the midday red wine at Search Press helped 🙂


After I came home and unpacked my suitcase, I found loads of long white hairs in all my crochet.  The culprit…mums long-haired white cat.


Took ages to unpick the hairs!

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