Planning a Blanket

I made loads of squares for my granny square book and since then, they’ve been neatly piled in a corner of my craft room.  They’ve been moved around and resorted over and over again but always end up in a neat pile in the corner.  Some have still got their labels on.

I thought I’d better do something with them and what better than a snuggly blanket.  Winter is coming after all.




I laid them out randomly.  I toyed with the idea of arranging them somehow but just decided to let them fall where they wanted.  I made sure that the Home and Sweet squares fell in a row nicely in the middle though.



Now to find some yarn to edge and join them…


  1. Paula Reply →

    That's beautiful, like crochet patchwork. I borrowed your book from the library and loved your squares, I've reserved it again as there's a few squares I want to try making.

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