crochet designer Leonie MorganHi! My name is Leonie Morgan and I’m a crochet designer. I’m the author of seven crochet books published by Macmillan in the US and Search Press in the UK. I’m a crochet addict with a large yarn stash and more crochet blankets than I’ll ever need!

All of my independent crochet designs are here in my shop.  Have a browse and if you have any questions about my patterns do get in touch.

I love designing with colour. I prefer worsted or DK weight yarn and a nice big hook and just love motifs and blocks. Whatever I’m designing, the colour choice is the exciting bit. I enjoy the process of designing from initial fumblings with scrap yarn to picking colours and writing up patterns.

I live in beautiful, green Wales where there are approximately 3 sheep for every person! That’s a lot of wool 🙂 There’s a long tradition of woollen textiles and woollen mills in Wales that was at its height in the 19th century and still survives today. I love the link to yarn that’s right on my doorstep and it isn’t any wonder I became a crochet designer being surrounded by so much wool!

It’s great to see what people have made using my designs, so, if you’ve made something from one of my designs please share online and tag me @woolnhook.

If you’d like to work with me or have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Hooking!

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