The Book Blanket cont.

I’ve been working on the Book Blanket. I decided to use pale yellow to edge and join the squares because, well, that was the only colour I had to hand.  I’m not one for patience when it comes to starting a project and lacking the capacity to wait for a yarn delivery of a different […]

Planning a Blanket

.I made loads of squares for my granny square book and since then they’ve been neatly piled in a corner of my craft room.  They’ve been moved around and resorted over and over again but always end up in a neat pile in the corner.  Some have still got their labels on! I thought I’d […]

Authors Lunch, Bunting and Cat Hairs

On Tuesday I went to the authors lunch at Search Press where I met lots of fab folks, had delicious food and found where the wine was very easily.  I also found out that my book is being reprinted already! Draped all over the warehouse was Women’s Weekly record breaking knitted bunting – 3.2 kilometers […]