How to Crochet Picot Stitches – Tutorial

Crochet Picot Stitches Crochet picot stitches are really useful for adding a little interest to edgings, great in crochet lace patterns and are perfect for enhancing the points of stars, petals and leaves. If you are struggling with how to make picot stitches – read on!

how to crochet through horizontal bar how to crochet in third loop

How to Crochet Through Horizontal Bar / Third Loop

Crochet Through Horizontal Bar / Crochet in Third Loop Working into the horizontal bar, or, third loop gives a lovely texture to the surface of your crochet. The top loops of stitches are on display and give a neat chained-looking ridge.  Here I’ve worked a sample in rows without turning and in different sized stitches […]

crochet hook conversion chart

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

I used to have a crochet hook conversion chart here on my blog but it’s disappeared!  I can’t find the thing anywhere so I thought I’d make a new one.  It was about time anyway as the old one was a bit ugly. In the world of crochet the names we call things are different […]

crochet foundation chains

How to Crochet Foundation Chains

Crochet Foundation Chains Foundation chains are the start of all crochet patterns worked in rows.  There are alternatives to the foundation chain which I’ll be covering in the future but this guide will help show you how to crochet foundation chains and get your crochet work off to a stable start.  We’ll begin by looking […]