triangular crochet shawl

February Shawl – triangular crochet shawl

February Shawl is my latest crochet pattern . Its a easy to make triangular crochet shawl worked in two colours and edged with a contrasting lacy trim.  I worked mine in two shades of grey and used hot pink and mustard as the contrasting colour for the two shawls I made.  I don’t know which […]

Autumn Leaves & Shetland Lace

I love autumn colours, autumn leaves, mushrooms and fungi and delightfully squelchy mud.  This weekend I wandered in the woods basking in the colourful death throes of hundreds of trees, finding mushrooms and squelching in muddy puddles.  The trees are beautiful as they flare in one last beam of fiery colour before they cast their […]

sea breeze shawl

Sea Breeze Shawl

Its sunny!  Its hot!  No need for socks, feet exposed, sandals on!  Perfect weather for my latest pattern; Sea Breeze Shawl. With all this hot sun outside and the abandonment of socks, I’ve got to thinking of the seaside.  Whenever it gets all sunny and hot I crave the sea.  The sea is on my […]