coachella scarf crochet pattern

Coachella Scarf Crochet Pattern

My Coachella scarf crochet pattern was designed for Love Crochet and their deliciously bright Splash of Neon collection.   Coachella is a deliciously warm scarf worked in vibrant neon and soft neutral colours evoking the indie vibe of summer festivals. The puff stitches used in the pattern give the finished scarf a really warm and snugly […]

ripple scarf

Ripple Scarf – Pattern release!

Ripple Scarf loveliness! My latest pattern is a ripple crochet scarf and I just luuurrvvve it!! I love the feel of this scarf and have been wearing it at every opportunity. I’m a little sad that the weather here is getting warmer because my ripple scarf won’t get much use!  Here it is on Bronwen the […]

Autumn Scarf #2

I finished my Dexter scarf, BUT, I haven’t plucked up the courage to sew in all the ends.  Here it is waiting patiently for me to get the sewing needle out and tidy it all up… Dexter Scarf – Oh the ends! Thanks for all your lovely comments about it, I’ll get it finished soon! […]

On my hooks…Ripple WIP

Thank you for your nice comments on my Dexter scarf.  I haven’t stopped working on it.  It’s slowly getting bigger and bigger but isn’t finished yet.  I had hoped to traipse around on the weekend, wearing it jauntily but I got distracted.  It’s because I’ve started on this… A new ripple pattern!  Can’t wait to […]

On my needles…Dexter Scarf

Hi Folks, I can smell Autumn in the air.  The mornings and evenings are cooler and the leaves are just starting to turn a sickly green colour which means Autumn is on the doorstep.  That can mean only one thing…Scarves!!  Yes, I’ve started planning a load of new scarves for myself beginning with an easy, […]