ripple scarf

Ripple Scarf – Pattern release!

Ripple Scarf loveliness! My latest pattern is a ripple crochet scarf and I just luuurrvvve it!! I love the feel of this scarf and have been wearing it at every opportunity. I’m a little sad that the weather here is getting warmer because my ripple scarf won’t get much use!  Here it is on Bronwen the […]

Starburst Blanket Pattern

Am starting to get back in the swing of things after my holiday and have been working on my Starburst blanket pattern.  The weather is murky and dank, everything outside is grey and dripping so I'm quite happy tucked in my craft room catching up on things. I've finished the starburst pattern {swoon, thud}.  I [...]
sea breeze shawl

Sea Breeze Shawl

Its sunny!  Its hot!  No need for socks, feet exposed, sandals on!  Perfect weather for my latest pattern; Sea Breeze Shawl. With all this hot sun outside and the abandonment of socks, I’ve got to thinking of the seaside.  Whenever it gets all sunny and hot I crave the sea.  The sea is on my […]

Bosnian Crochet

Bosnian Crochet?  I first stumbled across the term a year or so ago.  To me, its a term of mystery, often called a million other names. I googled and delved into Blog Land, waded there for some time and found a few pools of enlightenment and lots of arguments (Bosnian Crochet vs. Slip Stitch Crochet). […]