hearts fingerless gloves knitting pattern

Hearts Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

My Hearts Fingerless Gloves knitting pattern has just had a much needed update.  The original pattern was released in 2011 using a yarn that has been discontinued.  So, I’ve rewritten the pattern using yarn that is readily available – Rowan Felted Tweed DK!

rainbow slip knitted cowl

Rainbow Slip Knitted Cowl

Well, I’ve had this off the needles since November and, finally, have finished writing up the pattern for my Rainbow Slip knitted cowl.  It was a holiday project that I began on a “grab some sun in the Med for I’m a Weather Distressed Northern European” break in Menorca.  It was a fab holiday where […]

when knitting goes wrong

When Knitting Goes Wrong – and 5 knitting tips

when knitting goes wrong It happens to us all at some point. When knitting goes wrong – dreadfully, hideously wrong – its always a good laugh provided it hasn’t happened to you!  Read on to see my calamitous knitting project and please feel free to have a hearty guffaw and chuckle at my expense. My […]

free cowl knitting pattern

Free Cowl Knitting Pattern – Scraptastic

Scraptastic is my latest creation and here you’ll find the free cowl knitting pattern so you can make one too!  It’s a very warm and cosy cowl that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  It fits snug around the neck and is tall enough to pull up over your nose.  As the cowl is worked in the […]

Pumpkin Rustlers – Pattern Release!

Folks who visit my facebook page may have noticed I was fussing with this pattern a few weeks ago.  It all started with the idea that these three colours reminded me of pumpkins and squashes.  After some more thoughts I began designing a set of mitts with two colour ribbing and a chevron design. The […]

Bits ‘n Bobs

Oh dear. Its been ages since I blogged.  March was the last time! So, glossing over my disappearance from blogland, here are some things I’ve been working on lately… A little flower square which I’m planning to use for a scarf pattern.   I’ve been doing some Tunisian crochet.  Yep, looks like knitting but ain’t. […]

Autumn Mode

I’ve gone into autumn mode quite nicely, and with surprising grace, this year with only a small amount of bird instinct kicking in.  Usually by this time of year I’m stir crazy and, well, downright mutinous.  Its the Swifts leaving that does it.  As soon as they set off to points South I get wanderlust […]

Autumn Leaves & Shetland Lace

I love autumn colours, autumn leaves, mushrooms and fungi and delightfully squelchy mud.  This weekend I wandered in the woods basking in the colourful death throes of hundreds of trees, finding mushrooms and squelching in muddy puddles.  The trees are beautiful as they flare in one last beam of fiery colour before they cast their […]

A Bit of Knitting

When I say a bit, I mean a lot.  An awful lot.  Enough to keep me busy since November!  Now, this blanket is a commissioned one so I didn’t get to choose the colour.  If I ever see Wendy mode in cypress again I might just scream!  Oh, the browness of it.  Its been a […]