Replica Granny Blanket

My latest project is a replica granny blanket. Way back in the deep, depths of time I designed and made a granny square blanket – see it here.  After moving house twice I lost the notes so couldn’t publish the pattern.  All I have is the layout plan but no yarn or yardage information. Then, […]

Granny Blanket

I found a bag stuffed deep in the darkest corner of the Wool Room.  “What’s this in here, then?”  I wondered as my hands delved in to find out.  Out came an almost complete granny blanket! “Brilliant!”  I thought smugly.  Now I can finish something!  For weeks I’ve been drowning in unfinished projects, tripping over […]

Planning a Blanket

.I made loads of squares for my granny square book and since then they’ve been neatly piled in a corner of my craft room.  They’ve been moved around and resorted over and over again but always end up in a neat pile in the corner.  Some have still got their labels on! I thought I’d […]

A Granny Blanket

Even though I’ve been knitting the Monster Blanket, I’ve done some crocheting too.  Here’s one I’ve just finished… Its a twin (single) sized blanket, edged and joined in olive.  Made for Cumbrian Country Crafts. Oh, crochet is so much quicker than knitting!

Rectangle Granny Throw – Free Pattern!

Well, I’ve been dreadfully quiet in blog land lately.  Its because I’ve been super busy with lots of crochet projects. 🙂  I’ve managed to write up a pattern which has been on my To Do List for ages.  Its for my Rectangle Granny Throw free pattern. Yes, that’s right – FREE!!   The blanket is […]

The Killing Blanket

I’ve spent almost every evening over the last two weeks watching The Killing.  I loved, loved. loved it – even with its holes and dead ends – and can’t wait for the next series. I fell madly in love with the jumpers and am shopping around for appropriate yarns to rustle one up for myself. […]

Rainbow and Cream Pastels Throw

Last week was hectic 😐 but I managed to finish another blanket for Cumbrian Country Crafts.  It’s called Rainbow and Cream Pastels Throw and is so pretty, the photo just doesn’t do it justice at all. Rainbow and Cream Pastels Throw   I’m also working on a stripey blanket, big granny square throw and a […]

My Latest Granny Blankets

I recently finished a scrumptious granny blanket which was made for Cumbrian Country Crafts. I’m now working on another blanket for Cumbrian Country Crafts.  The colours are so pretty, you can’t tell from the dingy photograph!   I’m joining the squares so its almost finished 🙂  Will post photos when done. Happy Hooking!

Granny Blanket

I’ve just finished another granny blanket.  This one will cover a single bed (twin bed in the US) and is in lovely bright colours and white. I’ve almost finished a double sized granny blanket for commission too.  Busy, busy, busy 🙂 Happy Hooking!

Retro Granny Throw

Just finished another throw using my Granny Square pattern. I love, love, love the colours and they fit my curtains perfectly! Shame I’m selling it really but I can always make another 🙂 Happy Hooking! Leonie x