flamingo square

Flamingo Square – easy crochet pattern

My Flamingo Square crochet design is a quick and easy pattern for a really cute and fun crochet block. It was first published in Crafty magazine years ago but is now rejigged, rewritten and twice as nice! Sadly, the magazine is no longer running but a lady contacted me recently asking how to get her […]

a fresh start crochet square

A Fresh Start crochet square

My first design of 2018 is A Fresh Start crochet square.  The year has landed at WoolnHook HQ like a crack of ominous thunder and a sharp slap to cold cheeks.  Feeling frayed around the edges and seeing only dark skies through my craft room window I fancied something springlike for my first concoction of the […]

10 inch crochet square – Framed Circle Square

Well, here’s another 10 inch crochet square for you!  Its worked in the same colours as my Big Framed Flower Square and the two would work really nicely together. It’s taken me a while to blog about this one because I’ve been super busy on my next big project (its another book!).  I really love […]

Big Framed Flower – Crochet Pattern

Here's my latest crochet design - Big Framed Flower Square ... Big Framed Flower Square     Big Framed Flower is a 10 inch block worked in seven different cheery colours.  This block would look gorgeous in all sorts of different colourways!   The colours are lovely and bright and remind me of summer flowers. [...]

American Star Afghan Block crochet pattern update

The latest in my pattern updates is this 12 inch American Star Afghan Block. I’ve downgraded the pattern difficulty to Easy by changing a couple of the rounds to make it less challenging.  Why do something difficult when there’s an easy option?!! The original design was a bit bland and needed a new lease of […]

Wheel Square Crochet Pattern – Updated

This week I’ve been working on updating my Wheel Square crochet pattern and reworking the squares in lovely new colours. This pattern is now one of my favourites!  Originally, it was worked up in some scrap yarn and I was never happy with the colours.  The updated block is now gorgeous 🙂 I’ve reworded the […]