Autumn Leaves & Shetland Lace

I love autumn colours, autumn leaves, mushrooms and fungi and delightfully squelchy mud.  This weekend I wandered in the woods basking in the colourful death throes of hundreds of trees, finding mushrooms and squelching in muddy puddles.  The trees are beautiful as they flare in one last beam of fiery colour before they cast their […]

Autumn Scarf #2

I finished my Dexter scarf, BUT, I haven’t plucked up the courage to sew in all the ends.  Here it is waiting patiently for me to get the sewing needle out and tidy it all up… Dexter Scarf – Oh the ends! Thanks for all your lovely comments about it, I’ll get it finished soon! […]

On my needles…Dexter Scarf

Hi Folks, I can smell Autumn in the air.  The mornings and evenings are cooler and the leaves are just starting to turn a sickly green colour which means Autumn is on the doorstep.  That can mean only one thing…Scarves!!  Yes, I’ve started planning a load of new scarves for myself beginning with an easy, […]