Hexagon Blanket cont.

Work on the 8ft by 8ft hexagon blanket continues. I’ve finished joining the ends together and just need to make some half hexagons for two of the edges. It’s starting to look awesome!  BUT, oh boy, are there ends to sew in.  A snaggled mass of ends waiting patiently for me to deal with.  For […]

Granny Blanket

I found a bag stuffed deep in the darkest corner of the Wool Room.  “What’s this in here, then?”  I wondered as my hands delved in to find out.  Out came an almost complete granny blanket! “Brilliant!”  I thought smugly.  Now I can finish something!  For weeks I’ve been drowning in unfinished projects, tripping over […]

Folk Blanket

One week before Christmas I began to work on Dads Christmas present.  A ripple blanket in bright colours and a folky feel.  Folk = scraps in my mind so I rummaged a sizeable collection of Cascade 220 Superwash from the Wool Stash and got hooking. There are splooshes of pink and peach, green and brown… […]

Puffy Band Mitts – Pattern Release!

  These cute little fingerless gloves are easy to whip up and are so snuggly and soft.  I’ve used Drops Alpaca which feels as soft as snow and is nice and warm.   I wanna make ’em. Pattern is available in US or UK crochet terminology Buy Here Etsy ShoporRavelry   Happy hooking!

Blanket Commission

Recently I was commissioned to make one of my Blooming Flowers blankets.  I started making the blocks and flowers… I love this design.  Its so bright and cheery.  One day I’ll make one just for me!  Whenever I get a VW camper van (lottery winnings needed) I shall drape one of these blankets over the […]

Stuffed Heart crochet design

My latest concoction . . . A stuffed heart crochet design! I think I might use it to make Christmas decorations.  Yes, I know it's July but tempus fugit and all that!  These little crochet hearts can be worked in any colours that you like and are perfect for decorating at Christmas or Valentines Day.  [...]

Bits ‘n Bobs

Oh dear. Its been ages since I blogged.  March was the last time! So, glossing over my disappearance from blogland, here are some things I’ve been working on lately… A little flower square which I’m planning to use for a scarf pattern.   I’ve been doing some Tunisian crochet.  Yep, looks like knitting but ain’t. […]

Daffodil Hexagon Photo Tutorial

Its Saint David’s Day today!!! I thought I would revisit my Daffodil pattern from ages ago and post a Daffodil Hexagon photo tutorial for you.  Here’s how the finished Daffodil hexagon will look. Take a sneak peak at the material list and grab your hook at the ready!

Rosanna Crochet Pattern

Meet my Rosanna crochet pattern. I don’t think I ever got around to posting about this pattern.   The pattern is for the 8 inch crochet block and includes yardage per block so you can work out how much yarn you’ll need to make yourself a blanket of any size. The central motif of the square […]

Rose Square Crochet Pattern

Yes, its Christmas Eve afternoon and I’m still working on my Rose Square crochet pattern.  Its all a vain attempt to fool Santa Claus into thinking I’ve been a good girl.  I haven’t though, I stole biscuits from the cupboard when no one was looking and I’ve ignored the mound of ironing that is threatening […]