deramores temperature blanket

Deramores Temperature Blanket

My latest design is a Temperature Blanket for Deramores. Its an easy pattern to work because it only uses basic stitches and will keep your hooks busy for 365 days!


Basically, the idea of the Temperature Blanket is that you crochet one row of the blanket in a colour that coordinates with the temperature of that day. The Temperature Blanket I’ve designed is based on the climate here in the UK but you can tweak the temperature ranges to suit where you live easily. The Temperature Blanket spans a whole year (365 rows, 365 days) so that the finished size is BIG!!!  When complete your blanket will cover a double (twin) bed nicely.

I’ve picked four different colourways so each represents a season of the year for you to choose from. Starting with Spring which is full of  fresh, airy pastel colours, then Summer with vibrant and bold shades, Autumn contains shades of deep reds and purple and finally, Winter which features crisp white icy blue and deep jade shades.

deramores temperature blanket colour packs

Each row of the temperature blanket takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and you also have the choice to make it as long and short as you like!

A little help!

Lots of people have asked for some photos of how to work the pattern, so , here they are! 

Begin by working your foundation chain and first row.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 1
Here is the start of the first row.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 2
On row 2, start with 3 sc (US) /dc (UK). Then work a dc (US) / tr (UK) into the skipped chain on the foundation row.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 3
Like this! Chain 2 stitches and then work another dc (US) / tr (UK) in the same skipped foundation chain.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 4
Like so. Skip 1 stitch and work 3 sc (US) / dc (UK) in the next 3 sts. Repeat this all the way to the end. DO NOT TURN!!

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 5
Start in the first st of the last row and work 3 sc (US) / dc (UK). Skip next dc (US) / tr (UK). Work a dc (US) / tr (UK) into the chain space on row 1. Work your stitches so that the chain space of the last row are caught.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 6
Like this. Then, chain 2 stitches and work another dc (US) / tr (UK) in the same place.

Deramores Temperature Blanket Step 7
Like this. Skip 1 st and work 3 sc (US) / dc (UK) in the next 3 stitches. Repeat these steps across to the end.

Grab the Pattern – UPDATED 2022!

You can get the pattern here on my website or on Etsy, Love Crafts and Ravelry.  The yarn is also available at Love Crafts but, at the moment, not as yarn packs so you’ll need to order the yarns listed in the pattern seperately.

Hope you have fun making it 🙂

Happy Hooking!

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  1. Michelle Reply →

    If I wanted to make this to fit a single bed rather than a double, what’s the number of stitches? I’ve been trying to work out the pattern repeat to see if there is a multiple I can use to work it out, but it’s hurting my head! (I’ve been looking for a temperature blanket pattern for ages that won’t end up about 20 feet long but isn’t just moss stitch, so I’m excited to do this.)

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for getting in touch! The blanket is 164 cm wide so would cover a single blanket and dangle over the edges about 30cm either side. If you want to make a blanket to just sit on the top of a single bed (about 100cm wide) then chain 162 sts and work 25 repeats on row 1 and 26 repeats on all other rows.

      Hope this helps! Give me a shout if you have any further questions.

      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!
      Leonie x

  2. Michele Reply →

    Is there any visual or YouTube to follow this stitch I am really struggling with the pick up below. I brought two of these kits as I love the colours and the pattern so much and it stated easy
    Any help would be much appreciated. I am new crocheter but understand the basics.
    Thank you

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Michele,
      I’ve sent an email with some step-by-step photos. Hope this helps!
      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!
      Leonie x

      1. Jennifer Reply →

        Hi Leonie,

        Would you mind sending those pics on to me too? I’ve also purchased a kit but I can’t seem to figure out the first step.
        Thank you!

          1. Leonie

            Hi Jeanette,
            No problem – email on its way.
            Many thanks and Happy Hooking!
            Leonie x

  3. Sarah Holt Reply →

    Hello Leonie, please may you send me the photos as my daughter is struggling to follow the pattern too. Many thanks.

  4. Sarah Jayne Glynn Reply →

    Hi I cant wait to use your pattern for my 2021 temperature blanket. I’m just wondering is this in UK term or us term plz? X

    1. Leonie Reply →

      The pattern is in UK crochet terms. It only uses UK double crochet (US single crochet) and UK treble crochet (US double crochet) stitches plus chain stitches.
      Hope you enjoy the pattern!
      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!
      Leonie x

  5. Leanne Wallace Reply →

    Dear Leonie. I’m planning on making the blanket and am doing some testing with the pattern but am having trouble understanding the pick up through the trebles. Could you possibly also email me the photos. Regards Leanne

  6. Anita Reply →

    Hi Leonie,
    I’m just trying to make a start on your lovely temperature blanket. I’ve got the foundation row sorted but I’m struggling to get my ahead around the following 2 rows where you treble stitch into the row below etc………I notice you sent some instructions by e-mail last year and I was wondering if this info was still available? Many thanks Anita x

  7. Meghan Reply →

    Hi Leonie,

    I purchased a kit for your blanket pattern but I’m struggling a little bit with the stitches. Do you think you could send me the pictures please.

    Thank you 🙂

  8. Elizabeth Reply →

    Hi there, I’m relatively new to crochet and would really appreciate those photos as well to keep me right. Many thanks Elizabeth

  9. Oriana Reply →

    Hi Leonie. I love this blanket so much I bought 2 kits. This is my first crochet project. What does it mean when the pattern says do not turn. Also, if you still have the step by step guide still available I’d really appreciate it if you would send it to me.
    Many thanks.

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Oriana,

      Do not turn means you don’t turn your work to crochet the next row. Instead, cut your yarn and rejoin the next colour in the first stitch of the last row. This way, the ‘right side’ of the stitches will be facing you throughout. I have added the step-by-step photos to the blog post here…
      If you’d like me to email the photos to you just let me know.

      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!
      Leonie x

  10. Tracy Reply →

    Does this specific stitch have a name that can be googled for a possible video tutorial? I’m struggling with some of the details of crocheting in previous rows…I’ve never done that before. If there isn’t a stitch name or video tutorial, would you please send me the instructional pictures? Thanks so much!!!

  11. Beth Reply →

    my fear for my temperature blanket is size! What would be the finished length for 365 rows of this stich using worsted or using DK yarn?

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Beth,
      It’s a big one! But, you’ve got a whole year to do it in!
      In DK weight yarn the finished size is approximately 206 x 164 cm (81 x 65 inches).
      Hope this helps!
      Leonie x

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