indian summer cal week 5

Indian Summer CAL Week 5 – Out Now!

Indian Summer CAL week 5 is out now!

indian summer cal week 5

In the fifth part of the pattern we’ll be making flowery squares!

We’ll be making 12 flowery squares this week.  We’ll make two strips of squares by joining 6 squares together and then add a border in the same way we did for week 2. 

One round is a little weird to make.  Where we work the Petal Outline Stitches the whole round becomes a mesh net that we then pull the petal and popcorn stitches through to the front.  

As always, the pattern has plenty of photos to help you along but if you find yourself a bit stumped just get in touch.

indian summer cal week 5

You can also add your projects to Ravelry here – pattern on the Ravelry database.

Indian Summer CAL Week 5 – Out Now / Pattern

You can download from the digital pattern here on my website in either UK or US crochet terms. UPDATE:  The full pattern is now available here.

Next week we’ll be joining all the pieces together, adding a bit of width then a border all the way around. If your pieces are looking like they won’t fit neatly, don’t worry, we can do some adjustments next week. Hope you enjoy week 5!

Until next week…

Happy Hooking!

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