indian summer cal week 1

Indian Summer CAL Week 1 – Out Now!

Indian Summer CAL week 1 is out now!

Eeee!!!  It’s so exciting!  In this first part of the pattern we’ll be making the three central squares.

The squares are Intermediate skill level as the pattern uses stitches worked in the horizontal bar to add some lovely texture.  You can find the horizontal bar (also known as the third loop) at the back of stitches just below the back loop.  I wrote a blog post about how to work in the horizontal bar recently so do check it out here if its a new technique to you.  We’ll also be using lots of Front Post / Front Raised stitches to add even more lovely texture!

The pattern is packed full of photos to help you along but if you find yourself a bit stumped just get in touch.

indian summer cal week 1

You can also add your projects to Ravelry here – pattern on the Ravelry database.

Indian Summer CAL Week 1 / Pattern

You can download from the digital pattern here on my website in either UK or US crochet terms. UPDATE:  The full pattern is now availble here.

Hope you love the squares and don’t panic if you don’t get them finished in a week – we won’t need them again for a few weeks yet.  Next week we’ll be making a collection of cute little squares.

Until next week…

Happy Hooking!

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  1. cris quilez Reply →

    Hi, asking from Spain. I`ve already begun the CAL and I wanted to ask if row 9 is correct? Thanks a lot for this CAL!!

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Cris,
      We’ll spotted, thank you!!! It should be the skipped stitches in round 6, not round 7. Will get this updated.
      Many thanks!!
      Leonie x

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Suzie,
      There will be a little bit of ruffling which should flatten out as you work the rest of the square. If it’s really serious ruffling send me a photo so I can see what’s happening (woolnhook1 at gmail dot com).
      Leonie x

  2. Fiona Reply →

    Please can you tell me what is changed in version 3 UK terms? Also, Row 2 Corner Flowers says 2dc tbl in each stitch of Row 1 but the picture shows trebles. Thank you.

  3. Ann aHodson Reply →

    Hi, working the uk version and got bamboozelled by the repeat row 18 which sends us to repeat row 16 butboth rows are dofferent stitches so when starting row 21 the beg in corner dtr didnt make sense, thank god for photos where I see the row should be in tr not dc. Also the next instruction refers to rows 18 and 19. Sorry but I keep trying to follow instructions but have to frog when it comes out wrong. Is there an update with changes please I so want to do ghis pattern but I am about to toss it in the corner

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Jamie, There’s an edit for that round… Round 21: Work FPdc (FRtr) stitches around the posts of the stitches on round 19 – not 18.  Skip stitches on round 20 – not 19. Hope that helps! X

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Linda,
      Yes, all corrections have been made. If you need any help along the way just give me a shout. Hope you enjoy the pattern!
      Leonie x

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