ric rac blanket for deramores

Ric Rac Blanket for Deramores

My latest design is a deliciously easy crochet blanket.  Ric Rac Blanket for Deramores is a row-by-row design just perfect for beginners or as a ‘chewing gum’ project for pros.  The pattern is exclusive to Deramores where you can purchase the pattern on their website.

ric rac blanket for deramores

The pattern is easy to remember and uses cluster stitches to give the finished blanket a lovely texture.  I’ve included step-by-step photos of the cluster stitch and step-by-step photo instructions of the rows.  If you’re a dab hand at crochet charts there’s one of those included too!

You can also purchase the pattern along with a colour pack designed by me!  The yarn for the Ric Rac Blanket is Deramores Studio DK, which I have to say is a lovely yarn to work with, and there are four colour packs to choose from:

Ocean View

ric rac blanket for deramores

Ocean View is a colour pack inspired by the shades of the sea and sand.  Its a nice, contemporary colour pack, and quite possibly, my favourite!  Shop the colour pack here.


ric rac blanket for deramores

Tropical is a colour pack with deep blues and greens representing foliage and sea then bright, beachy, summery shades which add a truly tropical splash of colour! Shop the colour pack here.


ric rac blanket for deramores

You can’t beat a rainbow coloured blanket. You just can’t!  There’s nothing more satisfying than crocheting a rainbow! Shop the colour pack here.


ric rac blanket for deramores

Meadow colour pack is inspired by the colour of long grass.  Late in the summer the fields here turn shades of maroon, pink, lilac and red and the green grass stalks begin to turn to hay.  A meadow on the brink of autumn is a swathe of soft and delicate colour which I’ve tried to copy for this colour pack.  Shop the colour pack here.

I wanna make it!

So, if you fancy making my Ric Rac Blanket for Deramores, drop by my Deramores shop and have a browse.

Happy Hooking!


    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Alison,

      Yes! The pattern uses a multiple of 3 chain plus 1. To make a smaller blanket make a foundation chain roughly as wide as you want the blanket to be and check the foundation is a multiple of 3 plus 1. Give me a shout if you need any help.

      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!

  1. Cheryl Kershaw Reply →

    Hi Leonie, i have just got this lovely pattern and while the pattern is in Uk terms (which i prefer). The symbols are in US terms. Which may throw a beginner as the ‘double crochet’ name being used for the two different stitches that are used the most. i can’t wait to get started on the project.

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for pointing that out – I hadn’t noticed! I’ll send Deramores the updated pattern now. Hope you enjoy crocheting the Ric Rac Blanket!
      Many thanks and Happy Hooking!

    1. Leonie Reply →

      Hi Karen,
      Yes, you don’t turn after each row. I chose to only work from the right side so the stitches look the same. If you want to turn after each row though that will work too!
      Hope you enjoy the pattern!
      Leonie x

  2. Kelly Adams Reply →

    I’m in the US and would love to get this pattern. Is the pattern that’s available at Deramores downloadable, or do I have to wait for it to be shipped to me? I may have missed it, but I couldn’t find any information about it at Deramores. Thanks in advance!

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