Replica Granny Blanket

My latest project is a replica granny blanket. Way back in the deep, depths of time I designed and made a granny square blanket – see it here.  After moving house twice I lost the notes so couldn’t publish the pattern.  All I have is the layout plan but no yarn or yardage information. Then, I mislaid the blanket.  Did I give it as a gift? Did I sell it? I just can’t remember what I did with it!

So, I’ve started from scratch working from my layout plan and the photographs of the original blanket.  Its a fun project to be working on and I feel like I’m going back to my roots making traditional granny squares.  A granny square was the second thing I ever crocheted.

replica granny blanket

When I figured out how to make a granny square that was all I made – for ages!  I haven’t made a granny blanket for a while so this project has been a real treat.  Working on it has churned up some ideas for some new granny blankets which I’m hoping to get started on soon.  But, I mustn’t start a new project without finishing this one first!

replica granny blanket

The blanket is made from granny squares of different sizes and the pile of squares is steadily growing. I always leave sewing in the ends until the very end and then curse myself as an idiot when I start to sew them in. One day I’ll learn to sew in the ends as I go!!

replica granny blanket

My plan was to release the pattern at the end of March but one thing after another has slowed me down.   And, now I’ve just run out of the grey yarn. Oh, what a shame – I’ll have to do some yarn shopping! 😀

I’m hoping to release the replica granny blanket pattern in the next few of weeks and it will be called “My Old Jeans Granny Blanket”.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


The pattern is now out!!!  You can purchase by clicking the boxes below…

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Happy Hooking!


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