crochet hook conversion chart

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

I used to have a crochet hook conversion chart here on my blog but it’s disappeared!  I can’t find the thing anywhere so I thought I’d make a new one.  It was about time anyway as the old one was a bit ugly.

In the world of crochet the names we call things are different depending on where you are on the globe.  Now, this can be really frustrating or downright perplexing.  To help us all out we need charts – nice, pretty charts.  So, here is one showing the various names and numbers of crochet hooks and looking nice and pretty. 

crochet hook conversion chart

I think in millimetres when I’m crocheting and designing but I do own hooks (accidentally pilfered from other people and handed down from relatives) which only have a number or a letter on them.  Today I had a hook in my hand that proudly stated it was a “4”.  “Ooof, Hades! What does that mean?” I muttered and rolled my eyes upwards with a sigh before wandering off to rummage for my crochet hook conversion chart trailing yarn in my wake.

As you can see on the chart some of the old style hooks don’t match up perfectly with the millimetre sizes.  I always use a hook that feels “right” for the yarn and pattern I’m working but sometimes you need to be accurate which is why metric is easier. A crochet hook conversion chart is really handy for checking you’ve got the right hook for your next project and for not getting in a muddle as I did.  Here’s a smaller version of the chart which you are welcome to pin on Pinterest, etc.

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Well, I hope that’s cleared up the confounded complexity of crochet hook sizes.  I hope you like my conversion chart and will never be perplexed, befuddled of flummoxed again!

Happy Hooking!


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