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Autumn Crochet – Cowl & Colour Choices

Leaves are falling  – Temperature is dropping  –  Its time for Autumn crochet!  YAY!

Time to make woolly warm things!!! Grab your hook, autumn crochet begins…

Now, obviously we need to make things just for us.  At WoolnHook HQ, autumn is a time for ME crochet. Its no good making things for others when we are freezing ourselves – or so I tell myself.  Nice warm, comfortable things. Gloves, hats, scarves, socks. We need the woolly things to fend of the looming beasts of Northerly Wind and Frosty Morning. 

I decided my first Autumn crochet project must be a cowl because I just love wearing a cowl. No dangly bits to snag on things, can’t lose it because its wrapped fast around your neck and they are super-warm. Last Autumn I designed this cowl…

autumn cowl crochet pattern

The pattern is my Autumn Cowl design and I wore it all the time.  It’s such a useful sort of cowl and seems to go with most things.  The pattern has three different sizes you can make: small, medium and large.  If you’d like to make your own you can purchase the pattern by clicking any one of the boxes below or buy the yarn and pattern on Love Crochet.

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However, as much as I love this cowl, I decided a colour change is necessary. So, WoolnHook HQ has been turned into a Choosing Yarn arena.  There are clusters of yarns gathered into satisfactory colour combos all over the place. I’ve spent ages swapping colours around and, after much deliberation, have decided that instead of settling on one colour combo for one cowl, why not make a few!  These are the colour combinations I’m working on…

Autumn Crochet – Colour Choices

Cowl Colour Choice #1 – Moody Seas

This combo uses nice turquoise-blues, like a moody sea, which will match my new snazzy coat just perfectly.

autumn cowl

Cowl Colour Choice #2 – Last Glimpse of Sun

This colour combination reminds me of slate-grey cloudy skies with streaks of the setting sun along the horizon.

autumn cowl colours

Cowl Colour Choice #3 – Mulled Cider

In my mind, Autumn is almost not worth tolerating without a hearty dose of mulled cider.  This combo of colours reminds me of the heady steam and happy warmth you get from a delicious mug of hot cider. I think I’ll be very smug with these colours wrapped around my neck!

autumn cowl colours

Cowl Colour Choice #4 – Autumn Leaves

This last combo reminds me of the different colours of falling leaves.  And, perhaps more importantly, it will go with my other snazzy coat 😉

autumn cowl colours

So, with my colourful yarns and hook at the ready, let the crochet begin! I hope you are enjoying some autumn crochet too. Just for you and nobody else!

Happy Hooking!

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