Peach Crochet Blanket

Peach Crochet Blanket and Cushions

Peach Crochet Blanket and Cushions

After months of work I’ve completed a monster peach crochet blanket and two matching cushions.  Its taken me ages and I’ve completely lost track of how much yarn its swallowed.  Here it is…

Peach Crochet Blanket 6 x 4 5

The colours were chosen by someone else and I think they’ve worked really well as a whole.  I tend to stay clear of peach for some reason but I grew to like it.  Then I grew to hate it as the project dragged on with seemingly no progress!  Oh, its so nice to get to the end.

Peach Crochet Blanket 6 x 4 4

The blanket is comprised of two square designs which are alternated as you join.  I used slip stitches through the back loops to join all the squares together – which took a week entire!

For the edging I settled on something simple so worked one round of reverse single crochet (US) / reverse double crochet (US).  Its also known as Crab Stitch.

Peach Crochet Blanket 6 x 4 3

The cushions were much quicker to make.  I made two squares of 9 blocks then raced around the edges in a selection of colours.  I joined the two pieces together with Crab Stitch along three sides, then did the fourth sides separately leaving a gap for a liner. 

I attached the cotton liner to the crochet using my sewing machine. Now this is something I’ve never attempted before thinking that things could go horrendously wrong. I’m not in my comfort zone when sat at the sewing machine and expect the worst will happen. My heart was in my throat as I started sewing but it all went surprisingly well. If you attempt a similar feat I recommend you use a Walking Foot!  Otherwise the world may end in a tangled mess.

Peach Crochet Cushions 6 x 4 1

Project Details:

Pattern:  Retro Bright Flower Crochet Throw (found on Etsy)
Yarn:  Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK & Stylecraft Special DK
Hook:  5 mm (H)
Ravelry Project: Peach Crochet Blanket & Cushions

100 percent

Now I’m going to put my feed up and relax, maybe start a little project or two.  It’ll be a while before I pluck up enough courage to tackle another big blanket project!

I hope you are turning your works-in-progress into finished objects faster than I am! 

Happy Hooking!

Peach Crochet Blanket 6 x 4 2


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