Happy St David's Day

Happy St David’s Day 2016!

“Dydd gwyl Dewi sant hapus!” (that means “Happy St David’s Day” in Welsh) to you all from Cupboardy Monster and me!

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and you’ll see plenty of people wearing one on St David’s day.  A few years ago I designed a daffodil hexagon pattern with the idea of making a St David’s day shawl so I could be covered in daffodils.  I still haven’t made the shawl but the pattern is free for you to use for a shawl, blanket or whatever you fancy. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the written pattern here or the photo tutorial here

Happy St Davids Day

Happy St David’s Day!

I’m going to make it my goal this year to have a daffodil hexagon shawl by next St David’s day.  The pattern is designed with worsted/aran weight yarn which I’ve decided I don’t want to use for a shawl (worsted weight shawls make me look frumpy).  I think I’ll use something lighter like a sport or 4ply yarn.  The hexagons will be smaller but I won’t look like a frump!  Now all I need to do is decide what yarn to use.  Mmmhhh…

Hope you have a fab day!!  Wherever you are in the world, think of Wales, wear a daffodil, crochet a daffodil hexagon and dream of dragons!  

Happy Hooking!

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  1. Janice Reply →

    Lovely, I would like to make it… I’am working on a granny sqaure blanket now that I wanted to make three years ago… Little by little. with love Janice

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