Granny Blanket

I found a bag stuffed deep in the darkest corner of the Wool Room.  “What’s this in here, then?”  I wondered as my hands delved in to find out.  Out came an almost complete granny blanket!

granny blanket

“Brilliant!”  I thought smugly.  Now I can finish something!  For weeks I’ve been drowning in unfinished projects, tripping over almost-there’s and just-a-few-more-rows and tiptoeing past tottering piles of swatches and half complete something-or-others.  Finally, here was something I could finish off whilst snuggled on the sofa with Hubble (the handsome cat) and a rather large glass of red wine.

granny blanket

I slowly added a few rounds to the blanket to fatten it up a bit.

granny blanket

As I crocheted I dimly recalled that this blanket was going to be my Autumn Blanket for when the evenings started to get chilly back in September.  I don’t know how I came to forget all about it but what a pleasant surprise to come across it again.

granny blanket

Well, what a fine thing…a finished project in one evening!  If you want your own granny blanket you can use this pattern.  Its the granny square pattern I use for all of my granny blanket makes.  

Happy Hooking!

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