Pumpkin Rustlers – Pattern Release!

Folks who visit my facebook page may have noticed I was fussing with this pattern a few weeks ago.  It all started with the idea that these three colours reminded me of pumpkins and squashes.  After some more thoughts I began designing a set of mitts with two colour ribbing and a chevron design.

The two colour ribbing reminded me of courgettes and other weird squashes and the chevron just looked nice and jazzy.

I tried working them flat first…

…but wasn’t fussed on having to sew up the sides so switched to dpns.

The pattern uses two color ribbing, bands of moss stitch (don’t worry, it’s only 5 rows at a time!) and snazzy chevron colourwork.

I wanna make ’em…

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Happy Knitting!

Leonie x

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