Magic Ring Tutorial

I use the Magic Ring for a lot of my designs because it makes a nice tight and neat centre for blocks and motifs.  You can use the magic ring instead of chain 1 when working in the round. Its easy an easy technique – here’s how to make it…

Magic Ring Tutorial

Begin with the yarn tail to the left and the working yarn to the right.

Make a loop like this…

magic ring tutorial

Insert your hook through the loop, from front to back, catch the working yarn and pull a loop through to the front.

magic ring tutorial

Chain 1 for working single crochet stitches.  If you are working half double crochet or double crochet stitches on the first round you would chain 2 or chain 3.

magic ring tutorial

Ta Da!  That’s your magic ring made.  Now you are ready to work the first round.  Work over the yarn tail as you go.

magic ring tutorial

When the first round is complete, tug on the yarn tail to pull the loop closed.

magic ring tutoral

When you’ve finished working a few rounds make sure to sew the yarn tail in securely to stop the Magic Ring from loosening up.

Hope you enjoy this magic ring tutorial!  Check out my patterns that use this technique.  Click in the middle of the picture to find out more about each pattern.



Happy Hooking!

Leonie x


  1. Anonymous Reply →

    After 30 yrs of loving my crochet,I saw a new thing(2 yrs ago-and just couldn't get it!) My biggest thank you in showing HOWW to make that ring.
    Thank's Leonie!!!!

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