Yes, gorgeous sunshine!  I was alarmed to see a big yellow thing sat in the sky this morning. Where are the slate grey, rain clouds?  I ventured out to take a closer look and, gradually, a little memory of sunshine tickled the back of my mind. The memory grew until I could recall days in the seemingly distant past that had the big yellow thing in the sky.  The warmth from it, while disconcerting at first, soon eased my concerns that the sky might fall.  Yes, it isn’t the end of the world, I told myself. It’s the sun.

Not wanting to miss a second of the gorgeous sunshine, I gathered my work basket and picked a seat in the sun.  Ooo, the bliss of warm sun!!  Its certainly set off the designing section of my brain – its whirring and clicking away and my hands are forming new crochet patterns.  Crochet doilies – yippee! 

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