A Bit of Knitting

When I say a bit, I mean a lot.  An awful lot.  Enough to keep me busy since November!  Now, this blanket is a commissioned one so I didn’t get to choose the colour.  If I ever see Wendy mode in cypress again I might just scream!  Oh, the browness of it.  Its been a heap of brown bulging out of my work basket for months!
Its an enormous blanket – 160 x 260 cm.  Yes, enormous.  So big that I haven’t been able to take a decent photograph of it, so, here are some close ups…
The pattern is one I found on Ravelry, Erin Afgan by Lion Brand.  The pattern is really good.  I’ve made a few changes to it in order to avoid the dreaded moss stitch bits.  Moss stitch looks pretty but I always make a pigs ear of it.
I thought this blanket would never end and I’m so glad its finished!  I can get back to some crochet now. 🙂 Yippeee!!!!

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