St David’s Day – Free Daffodil Hexagon Pattern!!!

It’s St David’s Day!  Yay!!!  Whoo Hooo.  I love, love, love this day more than all the other festivals and events in the year – except maybe Christmas day if my presents are good.

For me, its an opportunity to revel in the fact that I am Welsh.  That my land is beautiful, my flag is cool, my national anthem is heart-rippingly good and my people are wonderful.  Oh, and also that the Welsh rugby team is awesome.  Its also a chance to wear a daffodil and eat cawl.

So, in celebration of all things Welsh I have designed a Daffodil Hexagon to share with the world.  Think of Wales when you make it!

Daffodil Hexagon



Yarn: Light Worsted / DK weight yarn in:
Colour A – Dark Yellow
Colour B – Light Yellow
Colour C – Green


Hook: 5mm / H Crochet Hook. When using heavier or lighter weight yarn use an appropriate hook size.


This pattern uses US crochet terminology.


Special Stitches: Cluster
[yo, pull up loop in next dc, yo, pull through two loops on hook]. Rep in next two dc (4 loops on hook). yo and pull through all loops on hook.


Daffodil Hexagon:


With Colour A make a Magic Ring.


Round 1 – ch1 and work 6 sc in the ring. Join by sl st to first sc made. – 6 sc made.


Round 2 – Working in the Front Loop only, ch3 in same place (counts as 1 dc). Work 1 dc in Front Loop of each sc around. Join by sl st in 3rd ch of initial ch3. – 6 dc made.


Round 3 – ch1 and sc in same place, ch1. In each st work sc, ch1. Join by sl st to first sc made. End Colour A. – 6sc and 6 ch1sps made.


Round 4 – You will now be working in the back loop which you didn’t work into on Round 2.
Join Colour B in any back loop of stitch on R 2. ch3 (counts as 1 dc), 2dc in same, ch2. In back loop of next stitch work 3dc, ch2. Rep * to * three times. In next stitch work 3dc. Join in 3rd ch of initial ch3 by working a hdc.


Round 5 – * ch3, Cluster, ch3, sl st in ch2 *. Rep * to * five times. End Colour B. – 6 petals made.


Round 6 – Join Colour C in top of any petal. Ch1. * sc in top of petal. In ch2sp of Round 4 work 2dc, tr, 2dc *. Rep * to * five times. Join by sl st to first sc made.


Round 7 – ch3 (counts as 1 dc). Dc in next three sts. * In tr work (dc, tr, dc). Dc in each stitch to next tr *. Rep * to * four times. In next tr work (dc, tr, dc). Dc in each st to start of round and join to top of initial ch3. End Colour C.


Weave in ends.


Happy Hooking!


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