The Killing Blanket

I’ve spent almost every evening over the last two weeks watching The Killing.  I loved, loved. loved it – even with its holes and dead ends – and can’t wait for the next series.

I fell madly in love with the jumpers and am shopping around for appropriate yarns to rustle one up for myself.  I think I’ve worked out the pattern but won’t know for sure until I start knitting.

Of course, I couldn’t just sit still and watch the programme.  No.  I need to have something to do otherwise I can’t relax and I feel like I’m wasting precious time.  However, I needed to watch the screen non-stop in order to read the subtitles so I needed something I could do with my eyes closed.  That’s how this blanket was born…

Easy, peasy crochet!  Two big granny rectangles joined together and then a few rows around the edge to make things nice.

So, now I know who killed Nana Birk Larsen, have worked out The Pattern and I have a completed blanket!  Hope you all have a fab weekend.

Happy Hooking!

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  1. Paige Moore Reply →

    I think it is awesome that you spent your tv watching time making this! It is cool that is associated with the TV show. I have never been interested in shows that you have to watch week-to-week, but if I was doing something productive like this, maybe I could get into it! Great blanket!

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