Stuff I’d Forgotten All About!

Today, finding myself daunted by a mound of tangled wool and mixed up projects, I decided to have a tidy up and sort out.  Well, well, I found some things I’d completely forgotten about.  I found a knitted cardigan I had almost finished (I had to frog it unfortunately, it was far too big), a knitted tunic I began designing a couple of months ago and knitted scarf three-quarters done.  And, here are the crochet things I found that I’d completely forgotten…


A flower I designed and promptly forgot.  I can’t find any pattern notes so I’ll have to mentally deconstruct it to write up a pattern.  I remember I was going to make a nice throw using up lots of scraps!


Christmas Decorations!!!  I was going to stuff them with all my little snipped woolen ends.  I obviously ran out of time before Christmas arrived!  Well, I suppose if I finish them now, they’ll be ready for Christmas this year.

A colour test for a new granny square blanket I intended to make.  I seem to remember I wasn’t sure of the colour combination.

And, this one is the start of a Crochet Hook Roll to keep my hooks safe and sound.  I was going to line with nice, cheery fabric.

And, here is another flower I designed.  I even found some scrawled pattern notes which I’m now deciphering!

What, initially, seemed like a thankless task turned out to be pleasantly surprising!!!

Happy Hooking!


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  1. Veronica Reply →

    Well, what a treasure trove you've found! I just love the flowers – you've chosen such pretty colours, and the star design would make a lovely Christmas tree hanging. Hope you sort the patterns for them out soon!

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