Granny Squares, Freezing Fog and Pink Snow

The sunrise was glorious this morning with a beautiful pink sky.  The snow on the hills took on a beautiful deep pink hue.  I took a quick snap of the farm on the hill from my window.  The phrase “Red sky at morning, shepherds warning” turns out to be true again.  The day ended in freezing fog.  Brrr!!!!

Just as the fog began to creep up I took some dingy snaps of the crochet granny squares I’ve been making for the last week.  The squares are for a king size granny blanket and will be edged in cream.  I’m having great fun using up all my scraps, you know, the clumps that clutter up and tangle in your wool stash and just look messy in there.  They are all going into this blanket and my drawers are looking neater!

Granny Squares
More Granny Squares


I will post photos of the completed blanket whenever I get it done.  Cor, it takes a long time to crochet a king size blanket!!

Happy Hooking!

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