Snow, Bread, Milk and Gloves

Well, here at Weavers Cottage, the snow has begun to fall.  In true British fashion, I have to confess, the urge to go out and unnecessarily buy bread and milk is quite strong!

The cold, snowy weather has made me think of warm, woollen accessories.  I have three balls of wool I got at a discount a few days ago that I couldn’t think what to do with.  The cogs began whirring as the first flakes of snow fell, and I have come up with a new design for fingerless gloves!

I began swatching gauges and measuring my wrist and before long came up with the idea of a set of crochet entrelac gloves.  I began crocheting straight away and here is a blurry snap of my progress….



I hope to have a pattern drafted by the end of this weekend.  I’m really enjoying the entrelac pattern, it’s not as tricky as it looks when you get going.


Entrelac Gloves crochet pattern is now available.

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entrelac gloves tunisian crochet pattern

Happy Hooking!






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  1. Sue Reply →

    Oh they look so lovely, perfect for this weather. We are still waiting for the snow to fall down in the soft south, but I have been wearing my hat indoors today as it's so blinking cold! ♥

  2. Veronica Reply →

    I can beat that, Sue – I wore my coat indoors yesterday! I'm looking forward to seeing the completed entrelac gloves. I've got quite a few odd balls of wool, plus odds 'n ends. It's would be very gratifying to find a use for them.

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